An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire by Robert Sears

An Illustrated Description of the Russian EmpireSears, Robert
An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire

Embracing its Geographical Features, Political Divisions, Principal Cities and Towns, Population, Classes, Government, Resources, Commerce, Antiquities, Religion, Progress in Education, Literature, Art and Science, Manners and Customes, Historic Summary, etc., from the latest and the most authentic sources.

New York, 1855

The book includes 26 detailed chapters with descriptions ranging from the Baltic Provinces to Russian Poland to Siberia to the Caucasian Provinces with scores of information on such topics as the wild animals of Livonia, the habits of the Russian nobility, the history of the Greek Church, the sources of the Volga River, Jews in the Baltic provinces, the suburbs of Warsaw, the mausoleum of the Khans, the Russian stove and double windows, ship building in St. Petersburg, Siberia as a penal colony and the imperial judicial system.

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Dictionnaire de la Langue Oubykh by Hans Vogt (1963)

Dictionnaire de la Langue Oubykh by Hans VogtTitle: Dictionnaire de la langue oubykh
Publication Type: Book
Year of Publication: 1963
Author: Vogt, Hans
Number of Pages: 264
Publisher: Universitetsforlaget
Place: Published Oslo
Publication Language: Fra

Hans Kamstrup Vogt (1 June 1903 – 25 September 1986) was a Norwegian linguist who specialized in the Caucasian languages, especially Georgian. He also did significant early work on the Kalispel language.

He was a member of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters since 1937, the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters from 1957 and of the Norwegian Academy for Language and Literature from 1971.

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Records collected by the Caucasian Archaeological Commission

Records collected by the Caucasian Archaeological CommissionEdited by: A.P. Berzhe
Publisher: Printing Press of the Chief Administration of the Viceroy of the Caucasus
Place of Publication: Tiflis
Year: 1866-1904

Акты, собранные Кавказской археографической комиссией
Под редакцией: А.П. Берже
Издательство: Тип. Главного Управления Наместника Кавказского
Место издания: Тифлис
Год издания: 1866-1904

Documents on the history of the Caucasus from the Xth century to 1862 were published on the initiative of the Russian authorities under the editorship of the chairman of the Caucasian Archaeological Commission, Adolf Petrovich Berzhe (1828 - 1886). The 12 volumes contain a variety of information on the history of the peoples of the Caucasus: an Arab chronicle, firmans, gudzhars (charters) and other official records, mostly dating from the XIVth - the first half of the XIX century in the Georgian, Armenian, Russian, Arabic, Persian, Tatar and Turkish languages with translations into Russian, together with genealogies of local khans and sultans. Each volume also includes documents from the administration of successive viceroys of the Caucasus.

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Journal of a residence in Circassia during the years 1837, 1838, and 1839 by James Stanislaus Bell (Vol. I & II)

Journal of a residence in Circassia during the years 1837, 1838, and 1839 by James Stanislaus Bell (Vol. I & II)Publication date: 1840
Publisher London : Edward Moxon
Language: English
2 Volumes
London, 1840. This book contains color illustrations.

"Those of my readers who happen to have heard of the "Affair of the Vixen," will be already aware that my first visit to Circassia was induced by mercantile objects-the establishment of trade with the natives. On my second visit to that country I had the same objects in view, in consequence of the expectation then generally prevalent, that our Government would have enforced reparation for the seizure of the Vixen, thereby affording an opening for trade  but the expedition was undertaken at the desire (as I was led to suppose) of Her Majesty’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, intimated by the Under- secretary, Mr. Strangways, to Mr. Urquhart, then Secretary of Legation at Constantinople, who communicated it to and made arrangements with me."

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A North West Caucasian Linguistic Reader by John Colarusso

A North West Caucasian Linguistic ReaderEdited by John Colarusso with the help of B. George and Zaira Hewitt for the Abzhwi Abkhaz text. This Reader in Northwest Caucasian Languages brings together for the first time grammatical sketches and examples from all the languages of this typologically unusual family, including three dialects of Circassian and three of Abkhaz-Abaza, plus Ubykh. The texts are traditional tales, including two pagan hymns, all of which have been phonemicized (with an 81st consonant added to Ubykh), morphologically analyzed, glossed, and translated.

This volume will be of use to those who wish to maintain these languages or to revive them, since all are now endangered. Theoretical linguists will also find this volume interesting for the numerous unusual features that these languages exhibit. Their large consonantal inventories and vertical vowel systems are known.

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