Non-canonical Noun Incorporation in Bzhedug Adyghe by Ksenia Ershova

Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Society, 41(41)
ISSN 2377-1666 | 2015-01-01

Ksenia Ershova
University of Chicago

Noun incorporation (NI), i.e. the formation of a new verbal form by combining a verb and a noun into a single phonological word, has been the focus of much discussion among linguists.1 Some researchers argue that it is done in the lexicon (Mithun 1984), others have claimed that it must be treated as a syntactic process (Sadock 1980; Baker 1988 and subsequent work). This paper addresses NI in the Bzhedug dialect of Adyghe, a polysynthetic language from the Northwest Caucasian family. Unlike many well-known polysynthetic languages, Adyghe does not have productive verbal NI; however, arguments may be incorporated into the predicate if it is nominalized.

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