This year Turkey's Federation of Caucasian Associations (KAFFED) commemorate “Circassian Exile of 1864” in Istanbul!

May 19, 2011 -- Since the late 1990s, the Federation of the Caucasian Associations of Turkey (KAFFED) have been holding commemorations every year on 21 May for what they term the “Circassian Exile of 1864” on the cliffs of a sleepy fishing village by the Black Sea called Kefken. Historically Kefken is where groups of Abkhazians landed in 1866-67 after their rebellion against Russian rule in Abkhazia had been quelled violently and thousands were exiled.

This year, however, KAFFED have decided to change the venue and hold the event on the Bosphorus in the more central location of Besiktas in Istanbul on Saturday, 21 May at 6PM. The KAFFED hierarchy explained that the decision to move the venue had been taken to attract more publicity for the event.

Following on the steps of the Caucasus Forum, which last year pioneered short promotional videos for their protest rally, KAFFED have this year prepared the following videos in English, Turkish, and Circassian, in which some of Turkey’s Circassian and North Caucasian celebrities appear, and also opened a new website for the occasion.