Portraits from history

Ismail Bey Atazhukin (1750?-1811?)

Ismail Bey Atazhukin (Atazhuko? Hatokshoko) (1750?-1811?) was a leading Circassian (Adyghe) public figure and an opinion leader of the Circassian society of the 18th century. There are different dates suggested for his real birth and death dates. His father sent him to a Russian military school in St. Petersburg around 1750 when he was a teenager. Beginning from the 1780s, Atazhukin participated in the political life of the Tsarist Russia and Kabardia (Eastern region of Circassia). He fought in the Russian army against the Ottoman Army between 1788-1791. He entered the service of Prince G. A. Potemkin in 1788 and he took part in the Russian military campaign against the Ottoman castle Ochakov.[1]

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Yusuf Izzet (1876-1922)

Yusuf Izzet (Met Chunatuko Yusuf Izzet; Yusuf Izzet Pasha) (1876-1922) was a Circassian writer, activist, general of the Circassian/Caucasian diaspora in the later Ottoman Empire and early Turkish Republic. Yusuf Izzet’s family was one of the Circassian Shapsugh families that were exiled from their homeland Circassia (Northwest Caucasus) during the 1864 Circassian Exile launched by the Russian Empire. Yusuf Izzet was born in the Circassian village of Salihler founded by a community of exiled Circassians who settled in the Balkans, then under the rule of the Otoman Empire.

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