Photos from Count Eugene Zichy’s expedition to the Caucasus in 1895

By late Amjad Jaimoukha

The Hungarian Count Eugene [Jenő] Zichy (1837-1906) wanted to investigate the original seat of the Magyars (Hungarians). Since the Circassians were called “Zikhi”, the Count was convinced that his roots were to be found amongst the Circassians. His Circassian guide in Circassia was Kanamat Agirov [Аджыр Къэнэмэт].

He published his account of the expedition:

Zichy, E. (de), “Voyages au Caucase et en Asie Centrale”, Budapest, 1897. (2 volumes)


1. Kabardians of the Het’ox’wschiqwe (Atazhukin; ХьэтIохъущыкъуэ) princely family, Baksan Valley, 1895.

2. Kabardian Woman of Het’ox’wschiqwe (Atazhukin), Baksan Valley, 1895.

3. Kabardians of the Heghwndoqwe (Хьэгъундокъуэ) clan, 1895.

 4. Kabardian cemetery, Dubaruk village, 1895. Count Eugene [Jenő] Zichy is second from right.

5. Kabardians in X’wmeren (Khumara) village, 1895. [Now part of Cherkessia in the Karachai-Cherkess Republic]

6. Kabardian elders, Kabarda [Eastern Circassia], 1895.

For more on the expedition:

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Szádeczky-kardoss Lajos, “Zichy-expedíció, Kaukázus, Közép-Ázsia, 1895” [“Zichy Expedition, Caucasus, Central Asia, 1895”], Hungarian Ostörténeti Research and Publications, 2002. [contains precious photographs taken in Circassia/Kabarda in 1895]