An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire by Robert Sears

An Illustrated Description of the Russian EmpireSears, Robert
An Illustrated Description of the Russian Empire

Embracing its Geographical Features, Political Divisions, Principal Cities and Towns, Population, Classes, Government, Resources, Commerce, Antiquities, Religion, Progress in Education, Literature, Art and Science, Manners and Customes, Historic Summary, etc., from the latest and the most authentic sources.

New York, 1855

The book includes 26 detailed chapters with descriptions ranging from the Baltic Provinces to Russian Poland to Siberia to the Caucasian Provinces with scores of information on such topics as the wild animals of Livonia, the habits of the Russian nobility, the history of the Greek Church, the sources of the Volga River, Jews in the Baltic provinces, the suburbs of Warsaw, the mausoleum of the Khans, the Russian stove and double windows, ship building in St. Petersburg, Siberia as a penal colony and the imperial judicial system.

THE CAUCASIAN PROVINCES ◦ Caucasian Tribes ◦ Georgia: Its Position and Aspect ◦ Rivers ◦ Climate and Soil ◦ Fruit ◦ Its Vineyards ◦ Wines ◦ Domestic Animals ◦ Roads ◦ Manufactures ◦ Female Georgians ◦ Classes ◦ History ◦ Teflis ◦ Its History ◦ Other Towns ◦ Shirvan: Baku ◦ Abcheran ◦ Naphtha Springs◦ "Field of Fire" ◦ Ghebers ◦ Russian Armenia : Physical Aspect ◦ Guk-cha, or Blue Lake ◦ Mount Ararat ◦ Volcanic Eruption of 1840 ◦ Nakhichevan ◦ Climate and Soil of Armenia ◦ Inhabitants ◦ Echmiadzin ◦ Armenian Language and Literature ◦ Erivan ◦ Akhalzik ◦ Imeritia: Physical Aspect ◦ Natural Productions ◦ Bees and Silkworms ◦ Commerce ◦ Mingrelia : Physical Aspect ◦ Productions ◦ Guria : People ◦ Kou-tais ◦Abassia: Its Position ◦ Industry ◦ History ◦ Anapar◦Circassia: Extent and Physical Features ◦ Its Hydrography ◦ Climate ◦ Soil and Natural Productions ◦ Animals, Wild and Domestic ◦ Minerals ◦ People ◦ Villages ◦ the Chase and War ◦ Circassian Women ◦ Domestic Habits ◦ Physical Beauty ◦ Education ◦ Religion ◦ Manufactures and Commerce ◦ History ◦ Caucasus: Physical Features and Climate ◦ Stavropol ◦ Other Towns ◦ Dag-hestan : Physical Aspect ◦ Bituminous Springs ◦ Climate ◦ Population ◦Derbent ◦ Kouba ◦ Tschetschenzes and Lesghians ◦ The Caucasian War ◦ Its History ◦ Shamyl.

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