Circassia; or, A tour to the Caucasus, by George Leighton Ditson, New York, 1850

Circassia; or, A tour to the Caucasus, by George Leighton DitsonCIRCASSIA; OR, TOUR TO THE CAUCASUS.




Concerning the intensely interesting portions of the world of which the following pages treat, no work has ever been issued from the American press.  —  This, then, may lay claim to novelty.

As the Crimea  —  her oddly picturesque Tartar towns and gorgeous tumuli; Circassia  —  the fastnesses of her invincible heroes, the homes of her world-wide famed beauties, have beenvisited by no other American traveller, it may sufficiently apologize for the temerity of putting into print the journal of my tour. To those, however, who dissent from this, I would say, that by some of the most gifted of men I have been urged, both at home and abroad, to offer this work to the public.

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Circassia and Circassians in the Historical Books & Magazines

Circassia and Circassians in the Historical Books & MagazinesSelections from the Google Books

Circassia (Circassian: Адыгэ Хэку) is a region in the North Caucasus and along the north-east shore of the Black Sea. It is the ancestral homeland of the Circassian people.

The Cherkess or Circassians, who gave their name to this region, of which they were until lately the sole inhabitants, are a peculiar race, differing from the other tribes of the Caucasus in origin and language. The name Circassia is a Latinisation of Cherkess (modern Turkish: Çerkes), the Turkic name for the Adyghe people, and originated in the 15th century with mediaeval Genoese merchants and travellers to Circassia.

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